Personalized Silver Dollar-Sized Coins and Key Chains.      Ordering is very quick and easy!! Only $12.95 plus S&H
You can now completely design a coin or key chain for yourself, for a loved one, for business or for that special person or special event! E-mail us your own design to really customize your coin!! (Go to Custom Inscription page for custom orders.)       ENTER HERE
ALL orders are produced in the United States with most orders filled in 2-3 business days!

International Orders Are Welcome!

Coins & Keychains

Shown here are just a few of the thousands of key chains and coins we have made for our happy customers.
Information you provide is carefully scripted and engraved on both sides of your silver dollar key chains or coins. These exquisite keepsakes are approximately the size and weight of real Eisenhower silver dollars and will last a lifetime.
Personalized Coins are a great way of commemorating any special event for your business or for a family member or loved one. YOUR personalized inscription on a coin will be an unforgettable treasure for anyone!

How about a customized coin for sports such as, football, baseball, basketball, soccer and auto racing? We also have many designs to celebrate weddings, births, military service, graduations and pets!

Organizations: E-mail us about our Fund Raiser Program.

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